Manufacturer's Resource Tracking.
Developed for Distilleries. Suitable for all small manufacturers.
Track your raw material, manufacturing process and finished goods.

image of production
Knowing what happens to each and every item in a production facility is the key to safe, efficient production. However, this requires complete and accurate documentation at every step, from receiving raw materials, through processing, to dispatching finished goods to customers. This can be difficult, even for a small producer, but when achieved allows real-time stock management, efficient production planning, efficient ordering and unquestionable traceability.

MRTRAC was developed in conjunction with Circumstance Distillery. Although it was developed with spirit producers in mind, MRTRAC is flexible enough to be used by any small manufacturer.


Free to use for small producers

Free for up to 10 manufactured goods.

Simple layout and easy to use

Keeping it simple makes MRTRAC flexible and easy to use.

Real-time stock management

Stock is updated in real time during manufacturing process. Know exactly how much of each raw material and finished products you have at any point in time.

Production planning

Production can be planned, or raw materials ordered in response to MRTRAC’s low stock warnings.

Robust traceability

Should a problem occur with production or raw material MRTRACS traecabilty feature means product recalls can be swift and focussed.

Integration with accounting software

MRTRAC integrates with Xero and Zoho books.Invoices are produced with corresponding batch numbers with stock assigned accordingly.


Tutorial 1

Learn how to add items and edit items.

Tutorial 2

Learn about adding and editing stock.

Tutorial 3

Learn abouting producing items in MRTRAC.

Tutorial 4

Learn abouting duty payments in MRTRAC.

Tutorial 5

Learn abouting intergrating accounting software.